* Proper Golf Attire Required for ALL Golf Areas & Any Persons On Golf Property (Non Players Included)***
* Collared, Mock Neck, or Turtleneck Shirts
* Sleeveless Blouse w/ Collar (Women)
* Slacks, Dress Denim, Appropriate Length Shorts / Skorts
* Soft Spike Golf Shoes & Tennis Shoes

NOT Allowed
* Tank Tops, Cut Off Shorts, Spaghetti Strap Tops, Sundress without Collar, Halter Tops, Tube Tops, Showing of Mid-Riff, T-Shirts, Work Out / Gym Attire, Swimwear, High Heels, Cowboy Boots, Other Sports Cleats, Metal Spike Golf Shoes, Barefoot and Any Other Apparel that is Deemed Inappropriate by Desert Willow Golf Course Staff.
***Proper Golf Attire is at the Discretion of Desert Willow Staff.

Dress Tastefully & Comfortable within these guidelines.

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